Would you still love me when you find out I'm nothing more than a horny otaku?



today is the oldest you’ve ever been
and the youngest you’ll ever be again

let that sink in


"I do believe that books can change lives, and give people this kind of language that they wouldn’t have had otherwise."
~Jacqueline Woodson talks to NPR about her free-verse memoir, Brown Girl Dreaming (via penguinteen)


Let’s be nothing… I heard it lasts forever.


cockiness is so attractive to me in a way and it’s so irritating. like it’s annoying. and it annoys me. but the kind of expression and body language that comes with it. the self-satisfied attitude. the smug comments. the eye rolling. the smirking. “come and get me” hand gestures during a fight. eyebrow raising with an air of superiority. it’s just like. fuck you. i’m annoyed right now. i am so annoyed right now. but oh my fuck i am also so very, very attracted right now


when will my normal sleep pattern return from war